Pull Notice Forms

Department of Motor Vehicles: Employer Pull Notice System

    UCD Policy and Procedure 380-20: Employee Driving Records
  • Exhibit A: Job Titles Required to be Enrolled (PDF)
  • Exhibit B: DMV Point System (PDF)
  • Exhibit C: Add/Delete Form (PDF) (DOC)
  • Exhibit D: Driver's License Pull Notice System Notification' (PDF)
  • Exhibit E: Notice of Point Assignment (PDF) (DOC)
  • Exhibit F: Applicant Information (PDF)
  • Exhibit G: Security Statement (PDF)
  • Exhibit I: Guidelines for Adding Non-Manditory Enrollees (PDF)
  • Exhibit J: Guidelines for Counseling Drivers (PDF)

Have Questions?

If you would like additional information about the Pull Notice system, call 530-752-7171 or send an email to e-mail not available (is JavaScript disabled?).