Our Services
Who We Are and What We Do

Fleet Services provides transportation options to faculty, staff, students and others. Additionally it has the responsibility for managing all University owned and operated vehicles. The operation is funded solely through allowable cost recovery rates and fees charged for providing vehicles and vehicle related products and services, charter bus services and intercampus bus services. Rates are developed to recover all costs of operation and to establish a sufficient reserve to pay for continuing replacement of vehicles and equipment.

Fleet Services provides asset management, maintenance, repair, inspection, testing and reporting of all vehicles within the fleet. This includes mandated emissions testing, documentation of fleet composition, usage, fuel consumption, and reporting of other information to campus departments, the Office of the President as well as to other departments and agencies within and outside of the University.

Services Provided

Among the services provided by Fleet Services are:

  • Records management and reporting as required.
  • Vehicles for hourly, daily or occasional use (Motor Pool).
  • Vehicles assigned to departments for long term, continuous use.
  • Complete vehicle maintenance, repair, and inspection based on schedules and requirements.
  • Fuel for vehicles and equipment.
  • Charter bus service for campus activities.
  • Intercampus passenger service between UC Davis and UC Berkeley.
  • Transportation of interlibrary loan material, intercampus mail, data processing material, and other priority materials to and from the Davis campus and the Berkeley campus.
  • Vehicle asset management, records management, reporting, and documentation of all vehicular assets, titles and licensing.
  • Disposal of surplus vehicles.