Asset Information

Vehicles Scheduled to Enter the Fleet (Not Yet in Service)
StatusReplacement1Additional2TotalTime in Status (days)3
Vehicles Budgeted for Purchase000N/A
Vehicles On Order000N/A
Customer Preparation0013 385.2
Vehicles Entering the Fleet0013N/A

Vehicles in the Fleet (In Service)
StatusReplacement1Additional2TotalVehicle Age
Vehicles within Useful Life00776 8.5
Vehicles Identified for Disposal000N/A
In Service Vehicles00776 8.5

Vehicles Being Removed from the Fleet (Out of Service)
StatusReplacement1Additional2TotalTime in Status (days)3
Administrative Hold008N/A
Preparation for Disposal0017N/A
At Disposal Site0013N/A
Surplus Vehicles0038N/A
1Replacement: Vehicle is replacing an existing Fleet Services vehicle.
2Additional: Vehicle is a new Fleet Services vehicle.
3'Time in Status' or 'Vehicle Age' is an average for the vehicles with shared 'status'.

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