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Vehicle Rental Rates

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Rental Rates (Cars, Vans, and Trucks): 530-752-0787
Type of Vehicle Rental Rates[1] Per Mile[5] Charge
Per Hour[2] Per Day[3] Short Term[4] Per Day
Sedans $9.00 $56.00 $25.00 $0.089
Electric Sedan $9.00 $56.00 $25.00 $0.089
Electric GEM n/a $44.00 $20.00 n/a
Vans - 7 psgr $8.00 $51.00 $23.00 $0.201
Vans - 8 psgr $8.00 $51.00 $23.00 $0.201
Vans - 12 psgr $8.00 $51.00 $23.00 $0.201
Vans - Mini Cargo Van $8.00 $51.00 $23.00 $0.201
Vans - Standard Cargo $8.00 $51.00 $23.00 $0.201
2wd SUV $8.00 $52.00 $23.00 $0.139
4x4 SUV n/a $64.00 $29.00 $0.166
1/2 Ton Pickup $7.00 $45.00 $20.00 $0.148
3/4 Ton Pickup n/a $52.00 $23.00 $0.212
3/4 Ton Pickup w/Lift-gate n/a $52.00 $23.00 $0.212
1 Ton Crew Cab - Box Truck w/lift n/a $69.00 $31.00 $0.489
Rate effective 1-Nov-17 1-Nov-17

[1] Rental rates include insurance and parking. Fuel is included in a separate per mile rate.
[2] Hourly rate is available only at our UCDrive locations. Look at locations for types of available vehicles; not all types of vehicles are available at all locations.
[3] Half-day rates are applied to vehicles checked out less than four hours in the morning and in the afternoon.
[4] Rate is per Day, 1-Month minimum rental, up to a maximum of 12 months. Short-Term Assignments are for vehicles leased for 1-12 months. The rate will appear as a daily rate and a per mile rate on your ledger. Fuel for short-term vehicles is included in the per mile rate. Insurance and parking are included in the daily rate.
[5] Fuel for rental vehicles is included in the per mile rate.

Procedure to Rent a Vehicle

  • Daily rentals: please see our Daily Reservations page.
  • Hourly rentals: please visit to make a UC Drive reservation.
  • Short-Term rentals: please call 530-752-0787 or send an email to

Long-term Assigned (leased) Vehicle Rates

If your department needs a vehicle for a longer period, Fleet Services can lease a vehicle at a monthly rate that is lower than our daily rates. Please see our Assigned Rates page.

Have Questions?

If you would like additional information about UCD's Fleet Services vehicle rental and lease program available to UC Davis faculty, staff or departments, call 530-752-0787 or send an email to e-mail not available (is JavaScript disabled?).