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Fleet Cards

Fleet Services' Fleet Card Fleet Cards are recommended for departments who frequently rent vehicles from Fleet Services or those departments that do not want to fill out a Vehicle Rental Request Form for each rental (Similar to a credit card, a dispatch card is an alternative to a Vehicle Rental request Form). To obtain a Fleet Dispatch Card (DOC) (PDF) , send a request through campus mail to Fleet Services or you may fax it to 530-754-9400 or email to VehicleReservation@ad3.ucdavis.edu.

Fuel Proxy Keys

Fleet Services' Fuel Proxy Key Each University vehicle is issued a fuel system Proxy Key. This small gray plastic key fits on a key chain and is used to activate the computerized fueling system on the fuel islands. If a customer loses a Proxy Key while renting a pool or assigned vehicle, the department will be charged a replacement fee. To replace a lost Proxy Key come to the Fleet Services Vehicle rental Office during (business hours. If the Proxy Key is defective, return the defective key to Fleet Services Vehicle Rental Office for a free replacement. Department owned vehicles will need to come to Fleet Services to purchase a Proxy Key if they wish to use the Automated Fuel System. Department owned vehicles will be charged for every Proxy Key issued. If the key becomes defective, Fleet Services will replace it at no cost to the department. If the key is lost, the department will be charged a replacement fee ($ 9.00 each).

Car Wash

Fleet Services' Fuel Proxy Key Departments with an assigned vehicle may use the Car Wash service at no cost. Department owned vehicles may use this service on a recharge basis ($ 5.00 each).

Have Questions?

If you would like additional information about UCD's Fleet Services vehicle rental and lease program available to UC Davis faculty, staff or departments, call 530-752-0787 or send an email to e-mail not available (is JavaScript disabled?).