Fueling your Vehicle

Fleet Services is a Self Service fueling facility and offers low prices on unleaded, diesel, oil and CNG.

Fueling Hours

... with assistance available if needed.

*** Closed on Holiday Weekends ***
Monday - Friday   7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Saturday   7:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.
Sunday   10:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Computerized Fueling System

Fleet Services requires that all University vehicles be assigned a proxy key which electronically activates the fueling system at Fleet Services. For all Fleet Services owned vehicles, the first proxy key is free. The department will be charged for replacement of lost, damaged or missing proxy keys while defective proxy keys will be replaced for free. Departments owning their own vehicles will need to purchase a proxy key for each vehicle in order to use the automated fueling system at Fleet Services.

Filling Gas Cans and Miscellaneous Equipment

Customers wishing to purchase fuel for equipment other than a University vehicle must be prepared to give the Fleet Services employee the name of their department and a valid DaFIS account number or Recharge ID number. Fuel will not be issued without a valid DaFIS account number or Recharge ID number.

Credit Cards (Fuel and Service)

All Fleet Services owned vehicles are assigned Voyager credit cards to be used for fuel when traveling out of Davis, when Fleet Services is closed and for emergency repairs only. If the estimate for emergency repairs is over $250, call Fleet Services for repair authorization (see Roadside Service for contact information). Exceptions such as scheduled maintenance for vehicles assigned to departments based out of Davis must be approved by the Service Department at Fleet Services (530-752-0789). All Fleet Services vehicles designed to run on unleaded gasoline are rated to operate on 87 octane Unleaded (Regular) gasoline. Fleet Services will not cover the purchase price difference of higher octane fuels such as Unleaded Plus or Super Unleaded. For daily rentals that are in need of fuel while in town during Fleet Services' business hours, please make use of our self service fueling facility located next to the Vehicle Rental Office. Customers using an assigned or daily rental vehicle are expected to use the car wash at Fleet Services if the vehicle is in need of a wash while in Davis during Fleet Services' business hours. Please report lost or stolen cards to the Vehicle Rental Office immediately. Departments will be responsible for charges on stolen cards until Fleet Services has been notified. Replacements for lost, stolen or broken cards can be requested by calling the Vehicle Rental Office at 530-752-0787. Customers will be notified when their card is ready for pick-up. All cards have imprints of the vehicle number. If you notice the vehicle number on the card does not match the number of the vehicle for which it is being used, please notify Fleet Services immediately.

Compressed Natural Gas Cards

Fleet Services owned vehicles with the ability to run on natural gas (CNG) are assigned CNG dispenser cards through the Fleet Services Vehicle Rental Office. These cards activate the CNG dispensers in Lot 49 next to Fleet Services and at the Unitrans Facility. Fueling assistance is available during Vehicle Rental Office hours. All CNG vehicles are also assigned a PG&E CNG card usable at PG&E CNG dispenser facilities and facilities outside PG&E's service area. If you would like a pamphlet of locations where this card is valid, contact the Vehicle Rental Office at 530-752-0787 or visit California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Online. Please report lost or stolen cards to the Vehicle Rental Office immediately. Lost, stolen or broken cards can be replaced at the Vehicle Rental Office.

Have Questions?

If you would like additional information about UCD's Fleet Services vehicle rental and lease program available to UC Davis faculty, staff or departments, call 530-752-0787 or send an email to e-mail not available (is JavaScript disabled?).