Rental FAQs

Q: How do I reserve a vehicle from Fleet Services?
Call the Vehicle Rental Office at 752-0787, during normal business hours, M-F 7am to 5pm, Sat. 7am-12:30pm and Sun. 10:00am-1:00pm email You will be asked to provide the following information: Department, pick up and return dates, department name, persons name picking up the vehicle, destination, contact phone number and whether you will be paying with a Rental Vehicle Request Form (PDF) or a Fleet Dispatch Card (DOC) (PDF) .
Q: What do I need to bring with me when I pick up my rental vehicle?
You will need to bring a Rental Vehicle Request Form (PDF) or a Fleet Dispatch Card (DOC) (PDF) and a valid driver's license. If a memo was faxed in advance, we will have it on file for you. If you will be traveling out of state (100 miles beyond the California border) or out of the United States, you will need a completed Out of State (PDF) form.
Q: What information do I need to provide on a Vehicle Rental Request Form authorizing rental of a Fleet Services vehicle?
A Rental Vehicle Request Form (PDF) must include:
  • department,
  • driver's name renting the vehicle,
  • vehicle type,
  • number of days needed,
  • pick up/return date,
  • destination,
  • contact phone number,
  • a DaFis account including the chart or the 4 digit billing ID
  • and an authorized signature.
Q: Is it better to fax my Vehicle Rental Request Form or bring it with me when I pick up my vehicle?
Our recommendation is that the individual carry in the Vehicle Rental Request Form even if it has been previously faxed.
Q: What is a Fleet Card and how do I get one?
Fleet Cards are recommended for departments who frequently rent vehicles from Fleet Services or those departments that do not want to fill out a Vehicle Rental Request Form for each rental (Similar to a credit card, a Fleet Card is an alternative to a Vehicle Rental request Form). To obtain a Fleet Dispatch Card (DOC) (PDF) , send a request on department letterhead through campus mail to Fleet Services or you may fax it to 530-754-9400 or email to The request must include:
  • department name,
  • DaFis account number and/or 4 digit billing ID,
  • an authorized signature and the address where to mail the card(s).
Q: What will I be charged when I rent a vehicle from Fleet Services?
We charge a daily rate for all vehicles, plus a mileage rate. Daily rates are based on 24 hours. For more information, please refer to the rates page on our web site. As a courtesy to other customers and to avoid additional charges, please cancel any unneeded reservations at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled pick up time. A no-show charge will apply if an unwanted reservation is not cancelled or the customer fails to pick up the vehicle. To avoid this charge, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance so that the vehicle can be made available to other customers. Reservations may be cancelled by calling 530-752-0787 or email A DaFIS account number is required to secure reservations.
Q: Is Fleet Services open on the weekends?
Yes, with the exception of holiday weekends, we are open Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Q: What do I do if my rental vehicle needs fuel while out of town or if Fleet Services is closed?
If you are out of town, you may use the Voyager credit card provided in the key pouch. The Voyager card works at most major service stations (i.e. Shell, Chevron, Texaco etc). Please visit and click on Acceptance Locator for current locations. Receipts for fuel do not need to be turned in.
Q: What do I do if my rental vehicle needs to be repaired while I am renting it or while out of town?
A:Contact the Fleet Services Service Shop 530-752-0789 for assistance or authorization of repairs. If after hours, call the National Automobile Club at (800) 600-6065. Receipts for repairs need to be given to the Service department at Fleet Services.
Q: What do I do if I need to leave in the morning before the Vehicle Rental Office is open, but I don't want to be charged an extra day for picking up the vehicle early?
If a vehicle is available, we can make special arrangements for you to pick up keys to the vehicle the day before, an hour before the Fleet Services Motor Pool office closes. You will need to check out the vehicle, specify what time you will be leaving in the morning, move the vehicle from the gated parking lot to the general lot (lot 49), leave the vehicle and pick it up the next morning at the time you specified. The charges will start when the vehicle is driven out of Lot 49.
Q: Where may I park my personal car when I pick up my vehicle?
With an A or C permit you may park in lot 49, located next to the Vehicle Rental Office. If you do not have an A or C permit you can purchase a day permit in the permit vending machine located in lot 49. For multiday use permits, contact Transportation and Parking Services
Q: What are my options if Fleet Services has no availability on my specified dates?
Fleet Services may be able to obtain a vehicle from a vendor when there are NONE left in our daily pool. Certain terms apply when renting a vehicle from a vendor. Please call the Vehicle Rental Office at 530-752-0787 for more information.

Have Questions?

If you would like additional information about UCD's Fleet Services vehicle rental program, call 530-752-0787 or send an email to e-mail not available (is JavaScript disabled?).