Driver Eligibility

Driver Requirements

  • Authorized drivers shall include faculty, staff, students, and non-University persons, including consultants, provided they have been approved by the appropriate campus official, and the vehicle use is for official University business.
  • Drivers shall hold the valid license/endorsements for the type of vehicle to be used and shall have successfully completed any driver training/safety course required by the campus or State/Federal law, except that short-term (less than 2 weeks) visitors/guests who use a vehicle only for the duration of their stay, and University employees who use a vehicle infrequently (i.e, for occasional travel, emergency departmental needs, etc.) are exempt from the training/safety course requirement.

For more information see policy BUS-46, Use of University Vehicles.

Employer Pull Notice Program

Drivers in certain classifications and for driving certain vehicles are required to be enrolled in the Department of Motor Vehicle Employer Pull Notice Program. for additional information.

Have Questions?

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