Services Provided to Department Controlled Vehicles

Fleet is a recharge unit (other than a small portion of general funds in the Berkeley Bus program) and we must recover our expenses from our customer base. We recently (Fall, 2011) completed a thorough top to bottom analysis and re-structuring of our program's operations and financial structure. During this review we discovered that campus Department Controlled Vehicles (DCV) owners were receiving services from Fleet Services and not supporting the functions:

  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • Equipment usage and fuel reporting
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • License/titling/registration
  • Citizen complaint investigation and resolution
  • Parking citation/toll evasion/red light camera citation resolution
  • Safe Driver Awareness Training
  • Online driver training
  • Employer Pull Notice program
  • Campus Biennial Inspection of Terminal (BIT) program
  • Campus vehicle and equipment sustainability initiatives
  • Vehicle related grant writing assistance
  • Scheduling and notification of smog checks, exhaust opacity tests, annual diesel inspections and maintenance/service/safety inspections
  • Billing services for insurance and parking
  • Vehicle car wash and detailing of equipment, supplies, and facility

Additionally, Fleet discontinued the previous DMV rate and will be providing an annual safety inspection and equipment disposal services under the new DCV rate. Fleet also is developing a web portal for DCV campus equipment whereby departments (and other campuses) may review and identify possible equipment re-utilization opportunities prior to disposal at auction. When completed and expanded, we envision this online tool will also enable units on campus to better utilize existing assets and share equipment across departmental lines.

Have Questions?

If you would like additional information about the services provided by Fleet Services for Department Controlled Vehicles, call 530-752-9666, send an email to e-mail not available (is JavaScript disabled?) or send a FAX to 530-752-9668.