Employer Pull Notice

What is the Employer Pull Notice Program?

The Employer Pull Notice Program is a system which allows employers to monitor their employees' driving records. This program is administered by Fleet Services on the UC Davis campus. Whenever an enrolled employee has an action taken against his/her driving record (e.g. ticket, accident, suspension, renewal, etc) the DMV notifies the employer. While California law mandates employers to enroll commercial drivers and UC Davis policy 380-20 requires employees hired as drivers to be enrolled, enrollment of other noncommercial drivers is left to the department head's discretion. See "Exhibit I: Guidelines for Adding Non-Mandatory Enrollees" (PDF) for assistance.

Should any of my employees be enrolled?

  • Commercial drivers - yes
  • Hired as driver - yes
  • Drive more than 15 hours per month? - recommended
  • Other positions - Department Head's discretion (see "Exhibit I: Guidelines for Adding Non-Mandatory Enrollees" (PDF))

Helpful Links


  • Information Security Statement (PDF) (to be signed by anyone who will have access to employee driving records)
  • Pull Notice System Applicant Information (PDF) (must be provided to individuals applying for a position required to participate in the Pull Notice Program)
  • Pull Notice Notification (PDF) (must be signed by anyone who will be enrolled in the Pull Notice Program)
  • Add/Delete Form (PDF) (DOC) (to add or delete employees from the Pull Notice Program)

Have Questions?

If you would like additional information about the DMV Employer Pull Notice Program, call 530-752-7171 or send an email to e-mail not available (is JavaScript disabled?).