General Rates

General Services Rates
Description of Service Rate
Auto Liability Insurance
Light duty vehicles$ 22.58 per mo
Heavy duty vehicles$ 33.92 per mo
Motorcycles$ 13.58 per mo
Electric vehicles$ 18.08 per mo
Auto Property Damage Insurance[1]
Light duty vehicles$ 20.42 per mo
Heavy duty vehicles$ 30.67 per mo
Motorcycles$ 12.25 per mo
Electric vehicles$ 16.33 per mo
[1] Departments which own their vehicles must contact Risk Management to initiate physical damage coverage.
Insurance rate effective01-Aug-2016
Vehicle Repair Services
Shop Labor Rate$ 133.00 per hour
Smog Inspection0.75 hours labor per inspection
Department Controlled Equipment
Vehicles, Boats$ 37.50 per month
Trailers, Forklifts, Carts/ATVs/UTVs$ 18.75 per month
Miscellaneous Services
Safe Driver Awareness Program. For questions call Fleet Services: 530-752-5023No Charge.
Vehicle Fuel Proxy Key$ 9.00 each
ParkingParking charges are charged by Transportation and Parking Services.
FuelCost + $ 0.36 per gallon or therm
Rate effective 1-Jan-2015

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